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Service Options


Intellectual /Developmental Disability (I/DD) programs include a variety of services available to individuals who have been determined eligible for I/DD services. Types of services vary depending on the funding source that each individual is qualified to receive.  The spectrum of services includes the following, which are defined below:


  • Targeted Case Management
  • Personal Care Services
  • Enhanced Care Services
  • Overnight Respite
  • Specialized Medical Care
  • Day Supports
  • Residential Supports
  • Supported Employment
  • Wellness Monitoring
  • Assistive Services
  • Medical Alert Rental
  • Family Support/Personal Needs Funding


There is a waiting list for some of these services.  Establishing early placement on the waiting list, ensures that you can receive the funding as quickly as possible.  Many I/DD services can be paid for privately while an individual is waiting for funding. 



Service Definitions


Targeted Case Management

Case Management is available to anyone who is eligible for I/DD services in Butler County. A case manager will help identify, select, obtain, coordinate, and use paid services and natural supports to assist an individual. Case management services can be utilized before funding is accessed and while on the waiting list.


Personal Care Services

This service is offered within the home or community that assures the health, welfare and daily living needs are being met for a person with a disability. A worker typically provides one-to-one assistance with self-care, household activities, health maintenance, activities of daily living, overnight respite or sleep support, accessing medical care, socialization and may accompany or provider transportation for any of these tasks. Personal Care Services can be a Self-Directed by the family or Agency-Directed service


Enhanced Care Services

Overnight assistance to individuals living with a person who meets the definition of family or in a setting that does not meet the definition of living with family and the person has chosen to self-direct the service.


Overnight Respite

Provides relief for the individual’s family member who serves as an unpaid primary caregiver. Respite is necessary for families who provide constant care for participants. It allows family members to receive periods of relief for vacations, holidays, and scheduled periods of time off.


Specialized Medical Care

This service provides long-term nursing support for medically fragile and technology dependent individuals. The required level or care must provide medical support for a beneficiary needing ongoing, daily care that would otherwise require the beneficiary to be in a hospital. The intensive medical needs of the beneficiary must be met to assure the person can live outside of a hospital or ICF/ID. The provider of Specialized Medical Care must be a Registered Nurse (RN), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or another entity designated by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.


Day Supports

Inclusion, skill building and meaningful work are important elements in most of our lives, and it’s especially important for an individual with ID/DD. Day supports consist of regularly occurring activities that provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward or contribution. These activities also are designed to maintain or increase adaptive capabilities, independence, productivity and integration into the greater community.


Residential Supports

Individuals with I/DD who maintain a higher level of independence can benefit from a residential support worker who provides assistance, acquisition, retention and/or improvement in skills to assure that the health, welfare and support needs of the individual are met in a non-family, residential setting.


Supported Employment

Employment provides a sense of contribution and pride, as well as a path toward greater independence. This service provides support in the way of “job coaches” and other assistance for individuals with I/DD who are attempting to acquire or maintain competitive employment within the community.


Wellness Monitoring

To ensure an individual is properly using medical health services prescribed by a physician, a wellness evaluation is performed by a registered nurse.


Assistive Services

These are supports or items that meet an individuals assessed need by improving and/or promoting the person's health, independence, productivity or integration into the community. The supports/items must be related directly to the persons disability and Person Centered Plans measurable outcomes.


Medical Alert Rental

This service provides support to a consumer who has a medical need that could become critical at anytime. The medical alert device is worn by the consumer, which by pushing a button, automatically dials the telephone of a predetermined responder.


Family Support/Personal Needs Funding

Family Support and/or Personal Needs Funding are grants available to persons on an as needed/as available basis and must be directly related to the disability of the individual in services. Grants would assist with covering the out of pocket cost to the individual/family because of the disability and is not covered by any other funding source. Items eligible for Family Support/Personal Needs Funding would include (but not limited to) diapers/pull-ups, wipes, nutritional supplements, in home therapy/medical equipment, occasional respite services, specialized summer camp programs or specialized therapy programs.